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   Bar mitzvahs by Florelle


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Bar mitzvahs centerpieces
and favors can now be chosen in one easy step with Florelle's patented 2 in 1 bouquets.

Bar mitzvahs centerpieces and favors can now be chosen in one easy step with Florelle's patented 2 in 1 bouquets.

Bar mitzvahs centerpieces by Florelle provide one of the few real alternative to fresh flowers.

Bar mitzvahs favors, when assembled in our special holders, take on the look and shape of flowers.

Bar mitzvahs centerpieces are generally flowers or something completely non-floral in substance and appearance. On the other hand, Florelle's unique bouquets are the only product available that have both the shape and look of flowers as well as gifts for all the guests in the form of beautiful, color coordinated mementos.

Bar mitzvahs centerpieces made by Florelle are patented, they represent a viable and beautiful option for all kinds of parties: weddings, bridal showers, corporate events, Christmas and new year parties, other holidays parties, baby showers, birthdays, sweet 16s, barmitzvahs, etc..

Bar mitzvahs centerpieces by Florelle are comprised of eight, ten or twelve keepsakes in the colors of your choice.

Bar mitzvahs centerpieces are designed so that each guest will be able to take one of the mementos home from your special event.

Bar mitzvahs favors that make up each of the bouquets come in a choice either small, medium, large or extra large sizes to create different looks and to accommodate different budgets.

Bar mitzvahs favors by Florelle, our unique party keepsakes have four elements, which determine the final color of your table setting.

Decorations include the wand itself, which is filled with a color coordinated gourmet candy like white almonds, the pom pom, the tassel and an optional imprinted ribbon, which contains the name and date of the event.

Weddings, bridal showers, corporate parties, baby christenings, anniversaries, sweet sixteens and other special events each have colors that are unique to their occasion and these four elements can be precisely selected to match those unique color combinations. A growing percentage of brides say they are looking for decorating alternatives when it comes to planning their special events. At least 30 percent are looking for an alternative to floral arrangements for their parties.

Centerpieces made by Florelle can still help to someone who wants to have flowers on their tables. We have designed a way to add just a touch of fresh flowers to the top, bottom or middle or our bouquets so that brides can have everything in one purchase.

Centerpieces with flower arrangements we call the Flower Dome, where the mementos form a circle into which is placed a small bouquet of flowers.

Centerpiece construction is easy to visualize when imagine a diamond engagement ring. First there is a setting with gold or silver prongs into which the diamond is placed. Likewise, our keepsakes act as the physical setting for the party set.

Corporate parties, bridal showers, baby events and sweet sixteens planners, however, do not consider flowers as much important as gifts, and so our bouquets provide an important method of creating the appropriate mood and festive atmosphere.