With an abundance of centerpiece ideas to choose from, Florelle makes it fun and effortless to create the bouquet of your dreams. Your bouquets are made up of candy-filled wands that each guest at your table can take home. You can personalize them, choose different sizes, choose different amounts per centerpiece, and of course, change the colors!

Explore the spectrum of colors by Florelle. The color combination possibilities are endless. We have a wide range of contemporary designer colors for your bouquets, including pastel color palettes, neutral shades, and bright hues. For your wedding centerpiece, choose similar color combinations, contrasting colors, or neutral undertones. Florelle's centerpiece displays have been created to give your party that professionally designed look you want.
Delicious candy favors are always a hit at any celebration, whether you’re searching for wedding, birthday, or baby shower centerpieces. Delectable gourmet fillings such as sugar-coated almonds or after dinner mints make each memento a mouth watering gift for your guests to take home at the end of the event. Learn more about our gourmet fillings...
You have the option of choosing several different sizes. As you choose a larger size, not only does your gift become more substantial, but the volume of the bouquet grows significantly as well. Create large centerpieces for a sweet 16 party or small centerpieces for a bridal shower.
You can have your favors imprinted with the name and date of your event. Every guest loves to take a home a memento, so make sure they can remember your special day forever.
We can accommodate all guests at each table. We make centerpieces for tables of 8, 9, 10 and 12. This way you can make sure all your guests go home with a special favor! From theme-inspired birthday party centerpieces to elegant wedding bouquets, Florelle will ensure your event is decorated in style.

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